Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast 1.0

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast is sort of an add-on for Half Life 2
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Half-Life 2: Lost Coast is sort of an add-on for Half Life 2. This is actually an additional level that didn't make the cut when Half Life 2 was released. After a year, the developers came up with new technologies that they wanted to try before releasing Episode 2 of HL2. Thus, they released this game as a download for owners of the Windows game. This new level can be purchased via Steam now. The level's objective is to take down an artillery station that is bombarding an allied location. Thus, Gordon has to walk through a coast line and get there. The game has elements that show the new technologies better. The most noticeable changes are the water dynamics and the weather effects. The water looks incredibly real and the sun and the horizon line are just gorgeous. The game doesn't add anything in terms of game-play. Since this was not released with Episode 1, there are quite some plot holes, but then again this is not supposed to be the sequel; Episode 2 is. If you are an HL2 fan, you definitely need to give this a try. This requires Steam for the download and comes bundled with the Episode 1 download. You now get Episode 1 and Lost Coast for 9.99

José Fernández
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  • New dynamics are great
  • Water is gorgeous


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